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Haverstock School
Group status: Our avid readers range from Y7 students right through to Y9. We have all been passionately reading and discussing the books and we think it will be a tough decision to choose our favourite!

We meet every Thursday to discuss the books. This is our 12th year shadowing the Carnegie. Watch this space for more information about our enthusiastic reading group. We will be reporting back very soon.


After the Fire by Shayaan
This book was amazing and utterly haunting. It brings you into the darkest of minds and the bravest. It was about a cult and it really shows how words . . .
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Rook by Mirain
This novel takes place when brothers Nicky and Kenny find an injured Rook. May I just tell you now, this book is not about a Rook. If you want to read . . .
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After the Fire by
A great book that really shows great writing for a book that its main topics are : religion, psychological horror, hardship, murder and war. I loved t . . .
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Where the World Ends by Mirain
Quill is part of a group of men who go to a rocky island to harvest birds. After no one comes to collect them, this is the story of how the boys and s . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Daniel
A brilliant and touching story that exceeds many of the books that I have read before. I am not usually a fan of books that focus on story, as I love . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Mirain
I really like Beyond The Bright Sea. My favourite character was Mouse because she always knew what to do at what time. Crow's story is extremely gripp . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Daniel
A great book for young readers. Very funny, with good character development and many morals that, at the end, are easy to see. For older readers, stil . . .
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Where the World Ends by James F
In this novel, 3 men and 9 boys travel to a tiny sea stac to hunt birds. Little do they know that they won’t be picked up and will have to stay for a . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Shannon- Marie Brady 7A
This book is about a twelve year old girl whose name is Crow. She was born on Penikiese, her mum and dad put her in a skiff only seconds old and sent . . .
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Do you judge a book by its cover?

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Title: A Monster Calls
Author: Patrick Ness
Illustrator: Jim Kay
Winning Year: 2012

The monster shows up after midnight. It isn't the one Conor has been expecting; the one from his nightmare; the one he has had nearly every night since his mother started her treatment. But this new monster is ancient, and wild, and it wants something jus


Levi Pinfold

Levi Pinfold has published several picture books, including The Django, Greenling and Black Dog, which won the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal in 2013. Born in England, he now lives in New South Wales, Australia.

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