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Weydon School- 'Beyond Words'
Group status: Welcome to 'Beyond Words', comprised of Weydon's finest, avid readers. We are excited to begin working our way through 2018's selection of books!

Read with your heart, not your eyes.

Check out our blog below, where you will find all of our reviews for the Carnegie books we have read and also weekly minutes on what we have discussed during our meetings.

not James

Court Moor School
Calthorpe Park School
Farnham Heath End School
Farnham, Surrey
Frensham Heights
What is your favourite book so far?

The Hate U Give
Beyond the Bright Sea
Saint Death
After The Fire
Wed Wabbit
Wher The World Ends
Title: Monsters of Men
Author: Patrick Ness
Winning Year: 2011

The third and final volume in the "Chaos Walking Trilogy" finds three armies marching on New Prentisstown, each intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle with no chance of escape or, it seems, of stopping the fighting. But t


Petr Horáček

Petr Horáček (Czech) is the Fine Arts of Prague before becoming a graphic designer, painter and author-illustrator. His titles Strawberries Are Red and What Is Black and White? won all the Books for Children. ALL OF THEM.