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Morpeth School - Group 2
Bethnal Green, London
Group status: Each of us are reading one of the books that have made it to the shortlist!

[Left to right] Amini, Caoimhe, Sarah, Grace, Nawal. Also in our group is Anisa.

We are a group of Year 8 girls from Morpeth Secondary School. 25-04-09 We've found out which books are on the shortlist and we've all each picked a book to read!

Oaklands School
Bangabandhu's readers
Morpeth School
Bethnal Green, London
The Berry Good Readers
What do you feel is most important?

Getting an education.
Saving the planet!
Becoming famous!
Being with friends and family.
Title: The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler
Author: Gene Kemp
Winning Year: 1977

Tyke is best friends with Danny Price and wherever they go, trouble isn't far behind. The book is narated by cheif troublemaker Tyke Tiler, and set during the last term of school. It is funny and full of twists and surprises.