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Backwell School

Group status: 35 Eager members are off, on what promises to be a thrilling ride through this year's varied shortlist.

Backwell's Carnegie Group has been running for 15 years now! The Library Ladiez are thrilled to welcome so many enthusiast new members. We have got to know one another a little now and are ready for the off! We meet in the library, where readers swop books, exchange views and grade the titles they've read. We have a refreshments rota to sustain all this activity!

Mrs Gibson

After the Fire by Isla
After the fire is possibly my most favourite book I have read so far.Will Hill makes the characters seem so real and describes the in a way that makes . . .
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Wed Wabbit by isla
I found that wed rabbit was rather childish but some of the characters were sweet. My brother would love this book! . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Rachel
This book for me was a rather interesting mixture of emotions and humour. At first this book appeared to be for younger readers however, it proved to . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Toby
I really liked this book. The story line was amazing. It was a bit slow at the start, but the story got good at the end the character Crow was really . . .
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After the Fire by Christian
Iloved this book. It showed how the deceptive work of one human could make such a difference on so many innocent peoples lives. I really recommend thi . . .
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Saint Death by Christian
I really enjoyed this booK. I thought it was a really appropriate novel for this time in age. It had a exciting plot line and was well written. Throug . . .
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After the Fire by harriet
I really enjoyed this book. I feel it was written very well and had a great story line. I love all the twists and turns all the way through, also the . . .
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Rook by Mrs Gibson
What a Super–HUMAN book this is. My heart was with Nicky from beginning to end and I read it almost in one sitting. As with all Barrington Stoke books . . .
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Nailsea School Book Club
Brightstowe Books
Clevedon School
Clevedon School
Title: Flour Babies
Author: Anne Fine
Winning Year: 1992

Our librarian, Mrs Gibson was on the adult panel in 1993 when this won the Carnegie. She still loves the book which is funny, sweet and uplifting. Laugh/Cry? The antics of the boys looking after their sacks of flour will make you do both!


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