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Divya, TCOLC Perfictionists

A Skinful of Shadows

‘A skinful of shadows’ was a very interesting book. It was set in a time frame which I had frequently found to be part of the plot in other books. However, this plot was nothing like the other ones. It included the somewhat cliche storyline of supernatural events set in the past. I have read lots of books that are set in the past and found myself not finishing them - but the characters, chain of events, foreshadowing, the way it was written, and lots of different elements made this book really special.

This story was about a girl called ‘makepeace’ who had spent her whole life abiding by her mother’s wishes and avoiding spirit like entities. One day, she finds herself alone and is taken by the people her mother had always dreaded being with. Without her mother, she finds herself in problems she could have avoided - if only she had known more about her mother and her life.

I think this book was really good, but it wasn’t a book I would never put down. It took me a while to become interested in the story everytime I picked it up again - I had to read it got at least 45 minutes to become immersed in the story. I’d say it was a storyline which was messmerising, but I’d say it was the type of book you’d fall asleep with.

Overall, I think this book is definitely on the list of my favourites and is definitely worth a read if you want to try something new out!

Posted on: 19th June 2019 at 08:14 pm

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