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Maisie, St Helen and St Katharine

The House with Chicken Legs

I really enjoyed The House With Chicken Legs, even though it’s not the sort of book I would normally choose to read. After reading The House With Chicken Legs, I would definitely read another book of the same genre as this book was so good. Marinka and Baba are extremely believable characters and I think that most people will know someone as fiery and stubborn as Marinka ,and as loving and caring as Baba. I found the plotline really hooking and I didn’t want to put the book down.
The plot twists in The House With Chicken Legs come just at the right points, and there aren’t too many, nor so few that it gets boring to read. I love that The House With Chicken Legs is based on folk tales, and the amount of research the author (Sophie Anderson) has done is incredible, and really pays off when you read her book. The one fault of the book is that it takes a rather long time to start. In total you could probably get rid of about a chapter and have the same book, but less dragging at the beginning. I personally found The House With Chicken Legs quite a quick read as I read rather fast, but it would be equally as enjoyable to read slower, and I would probably read it again. Overall I would give The House With Chicken Legs an eight out of ten, as it is a great book, but is slightly draggy.

Posted on: 25th March 2019 at 10:40 am

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