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Tom A, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School For Boys

The Poet X

The Poet X is a very enjoyable and compelling read due to its unique story structure and its topic about religion, love, gender shaming, jealously and how there is no perfect people in today's world. Elizabeth Acevedo uses three main poetry techniques to convey her message to the reader, sonnets, free verse and the occasional haiku. Acevedo also doesn't use the typical chapter structure and instead uses the titles of each poem to show us what is going through Xiomara's head.

However, The Poet X is much more than just a book with a unique structure, it also conveys messages of how religion can be destructive, with Mami, yet also constructive with Father Sean. This is very much a real-life problem as many people across the world as people cannot be themselves as they risk disappointing their parents or even as shown in The Poet X, can be physically hurt as well. Another real-life problem which is prominently shown in The Poet X is gender shaming with many boys boys touching the titular character, Xiomara, inappropriately and many people including her parents, calling her a cuero which means she sleeps with a lot of men without thinking of the consequences. This shows how people are unfairly stereotyped due to their appearance, be it the colour of their skin or their gender and how nobody is immune to this, even people that most perceive are perfect down to their looks and there is nothing under their look.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Poet X because of its messages about first world problems coupled with its unique and compelling structure and I would recommend it to any reader looking for a unique book with great messages about real-life problems.

Posted on: 9th April 2019 at 11:03 am

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