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Ornetta, St Catherines Catholic School

Long Way Down

This was an actually exquisite book which truly talks about the mind and the expectations even in a bloodline. Even the blurb was luring as I read it every time before I continued my reading. It kept referring back to rules which is why I mentioned expectations, and not only for good futures. They could be bad as the main character Will proves when he gets trapped in an elevator, or the whole elevator experience of each linking dead people in his life enter each floor or level which could be used as a metaphor of his thoughts. The most recent death of his life was Shawn, his brother, and he learns a lot of things he thought he didn't need to know since all he had set his mind to do was kill Riggs, the guy he thought had killed his brother. This book should had a good chance of winning.

Posted on: 18th April 2019 at 02:58 pm

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