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Victoria, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

The Land of Neverendings

Not too old, not too young; this book is for everyone!
This fantastical story helps the reader remember the long hours they inevitably spent making stories for their toys and the games they played as children. Its childish wonder and the return of imagination to the forefront of an adult's mind make it suitable for all age groups. Reminding us of children's innocence and how simple life seemed back in the days of playing with toys and imagining new worlds, the quest to remove the sorrow from a land of eternal childhood bliss helps Emily come to terms with her sister's death. In this book, the process of greiving for dead loved ones has no religious ties and Emily didn't have to fight all the adults around her, even making friends with Ruth, which is rather refreshing.

Posted on: 18th April 2019 at 03:41 pm

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