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David, Dartford Grammar School

The House with Chicken Legs

Overall, I would definitely recommend The House with Chicken Legs. This is for many reasons - though it is not the most believable of stories, the idea of a set destiny is explored in detail and is unique. Due to the style of the book, there is almost no action but the twist midway through the book that makes Marinka (our main character) reassess who she is helps to make the book memorable. This lack of action though is easily made up for by how gripping the book is and the emotions you feel along with the characters. All parts of the book are consistent and credible within the book's universe, including the ending. The interactions between the characters and the dialogue also feel natural. However, the book's pacing could be improved, as until the house travels to the ocean, not much that is key to the second half happens. The descriptions, whilst not using particularly complex language, allow the reader to visualise the setting in detail. Last but not least, the atmosphere in the book is such that even when the characters are at their lowest, the book never becomes grim and hopeless.

Posted on: 20th April 2019 at 05:05 pm

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