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Alex, Sir Harry Smith Community College

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

For the first Carnegie book that I read, I chose 'Things A Bright Girl Can Do' . This book is full of dilemmas from our three main characters, Evelyn, May, Nell. Due to the fact that this book is set in the past, the author went a step further to improve her writing by adding in historical aspects throughout the book. These vary from the declaration of war to Germany in World War 1, the suffragettes movement which is portrayed multiple times, as well as an insight into the struggle that many faced with food rations, Cole prices and more. While things may seem as though the book is more of a historical novel, I will correct you on that. The three girls that I previously mentioned face personal issues that involve loss, romance and friendships. Whilst reading this book, I felt enthralled by the first chapter. Personally, I have always been desperate to discover more on the differences of the suffragettes and the suffragists. By saying that I loved every part of the book, I would be lying. Instead I will say that there were elements in which I felt slightly bored, but they were soon taken over by more vital things. There were times in which I cried at the loss and Nell's survivor's guilt. There were times in which I laughed at Evelyn's ability to speak her mind and there were times in which I admired May for refusing to go against her beliefs on the topic of war. I would recommend this book to people who are old enough to appreciate and understand the suffragettes and the first world war as well as the pain they would be likely to experience when losing loved one. This would definitely be a book that I would consider reading again.

Posted on: 22nd April 2019 at 12:21 pm

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