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Grace, St Augustines Catholic College

The Poet X

The Poet X is a coming of age story that is relatable to young adults across the globe. Xiomara, also known as X, is a 15 year old girl that is an outsider in Harlem and is used to being noticed for her body by men and boys rather than her personality. Having grown up in a strictly Catholic family there are some guidelines that X must follow: NO boyfriends (especially "white boys"), you MUST go to Church and don't be overly expressive with your thoughts.
Xiomara grows tired of these rules and wants to make herself known to everyone around her as who she truly is. She finds this opportunity in the slam poetry club at her school, being able to say what she means sets her free that she has never felt before.
The Poet X is an amazing book as it opens up your eyes to the struggles of another person who may be worse off than you. This can be really evident through the style of writing which is in verse. The thoughts of X just flow off the page and make a huge impact on how you think. Xiomara does not want to be hidden behind her looks anymore and it's time for her to emerge from these pressures.

Posted on: 22nd April 2019 at 08:03 pm

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