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Iona, St Helen and St Katharine

A Skinful of Shadows

A Skinful of Shadows is an interesting book. The characters are well created, and all have their own personalities. I especially like how all the ghosts in Makepeace’s head are all very different: wild Bear who cannot be contained, kind-hearted Livewell, who is a puritan like Makepeace, yet is so different, I would call him cowardly except he is quite a sweet personality, the fussy and a bit annoying doctor, though he becomes nice by the end, and the infiltrator Lady Morgan, who though being treacherous at first, comes around and helps Makepeace.
All of the other characters are very different and hard to understand. James, Makepeace's stepbrother, seems nice, but when he goes to war, he changes a lot. Symond seems OK at the start, but is Mr Perfect really perfect?
The plot of this story put me off a little though. The way it seemed to me was action-boring-action-boring and so on. Therefore, something happened, and then nothing important happened for a while etc. Other than that, the storyline and events were good, and once you started reading, you did have to keep going, despite some more boring bits.
The style of this story is quite hard to read, though enjoyable once you get going.
Overall, I would rate this book six and a half out of ten, because I really enjoyed the characters, and the events, though the style of the writing was a little hard going, and sometimes nothing interesting happens for fifty pages at a time. I think that I would recommend this book to anyone year seven and above who doesn’t mind books that take a while to read.

Posted on: 23rd April 2019 at 09:06 am

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