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Lucy, St Helen and St Katharine

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Set in 1914 (the start of World War One), this book are the stories of two different people from different backgrounds, but both campaigning for women's votes. May and her mother have been campaigning for votes relentlessly, and Evelyn has only just started to make a change, but will they both (including their families) be able to cope with the war and keep being suffragettes?

I found this book really interesting because of the time setting and the point of view of people in England, particularly suffragettes because you don't often know about that point of view on the 1st world war. The characters talk and act like girls from that the time, and they stay within that character throughout the book. The plot had some twists in it which made it hard to put it down! The events in the book where very believable and correspondent to the history around the time, people and place. The balance of the dialogue and narrative was really good as the author tells the reader things through speech and narrative, so there is enough of each for the book not to be boring with too much speech or too much narrative.
I really enjoyed this book particularly because of the point of view and the underlying message of diversity which shows you that all kinds of people aiming for the same thing often achieves that goal. I would rate it eight out of ten and I hope that other people like it as much as I did!

Posted on: 23rd April 2019 at 09:07 am

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