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Honey, St Helen and St Katharine


Rebound is a very different book to any I have read before. The few words on each line gives each word more impact and its poetic style has contrast to a lot of other books. The book is mainly made up of conversations and, although some might find this dull, it helped me to get to know the characters better, despite the lack of description. I feel that a bit more description could help the book reach its full potential. The main character, Charlie’s, use of slang gave me the impression that he is a bad-mannered, rebellious character but as the book progresses I discovered that underneath this outward toughness he is more sensitive and caring than at first glance. Charlie doesn’t show others how he is feeling, mainly because he is dealing with the loss of his father however as he narrates parts of the story the reader gets an insight into his thoughts. Injustice is a strong theme in this book and most of the things that happen to Charlie are not his fault. His father’s death also influences his choices and I felt a lot of sympathy towards Charlie because all of his troubles come down to misfortunes.
When Charlie has to go to his grandparents, he takes up basketball, a sport which I am not familiar with. I thought this would matter but apart from not understanding a few of the sporting terms, it was easier to read than I thought. The plot is fairly simple and although lacking in complexity it suits this style of writing. Over all I would rate this book six out of ten as the plot is not very exciting although I did enjoy the poetic sense of it. Without its rare style I do not think it would have interested me as much as it did.

Posted on: 23rd April 2019 at 09:09 am

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