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Frida, St Helen and St Katharine


I thought that in 'Rebound' the main idea was Charlie starting to recover over the death of his dad. At the start he was very upset about his dad's death and does not want to talk about it. Later as the book goes on he learns to move on and starts to understand his grandparents better. However I think at some points the author implies how Charlie felt instead of stating it. Therefore the reader has to assume instead of knowing for certain. I think that characters, such as Charlie's 'Granddaddy', stay in character for the whole of the book. He continues in thinking that Charlie should help with the jobs and Charlie is always thinking he is being too strict. This consistency means that the author has a clear view of Charlie's 'Granddaddy's' personality.

The layout of the story is very visual because it has only around five words in every line. This means that the reader pauses after every line, therefore breaking up the sentences. When you read it there are hardly any moments of dialogue when it has who spoke after it. This means you have to read at the top of the page because at the top it usually says who Charlie is talking to in the title. Consequently, you have to infer how the person who Charlie is talking to says what they are saying. This does not always work because sometimes it is not obvious how they said it.

The sentences used are quite short and therefore the author doesn't use many complex sentences. This means that there is not always enough detail and description. I think it would have been better is the author had described what the places looked like that Charlie goes to and given the reader an idea of what to imagine.

I think that the main plot was not very original because a lot of books have that idea that a parent of both parents die and their child is sent to live with other relatives. Consequently, I think that though the book has some small twists, the plot did not have any major surprises, so was not very interesting to read. However the book was portrayed as if the author has planned out a beginning, middle and end because you could see roughly where they started. However, at some points, such as the middle, the author seemed to keep writing about lots of different things that happened which did not always move the story on. The author kept switching topics so there was not enough time to properly describe the first topic and the reader did not always feel as if they had received enough information,

In conclusion, I would rate this book 3/10 because I thought that it needed more description of the surroundings and more depth to the plot for it to be properly explained.

Posted on: 24th April 2019 at 10:34 am

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