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hannah, Oakgrove Mad Hatters

Bone Talk

Bone Talk is the story of a young Bontok boy who faces struggles as he tries to become a man but cannot as his brother does not live in bontok.his brother is eventually brought to bontok but they bring americans with them causing trouble within the bontok americans lowlanders and the mangili (the blood enemy of the bontok).the main characters are luki, samkad and kinyo.Samkad is a bontok boy who aims to become a man, Luki is a young girl who is part of the Bontok tribe she is samkads friend and she wants to be a warrior but she can't because she is female and even though she is friends with samkad she gets jealous him because he can become a warrior and a man where as she cannot, and kinyo is samkads brother although they do not have the same mother they are bonded like their mothers were kinyo's parents died shortly after he was born so he was sent to live in the lowlands with his aunt he is the translator between the bontok and the americans because he is the only one who speaks both languages.I would recommend this book to anyone age 10 and up.i give this book 4 stars

Posted on: 24th April 2019 at 01:44 pm

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