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hannah, Oakgrove Mad Hatters

The Land of Neverendings

The land of neverendings follows the story of emily whos sister has recently died she finds herself not only missing holly her sister but bluey her sisters stuffed bear. One night toys appear in her bedroom from Smockeroon or the land of neverendings the place where imagined toys (toys that have stories imagined for them) live. The magic from smockeroon is leaking into the hard world (the world we live in ) and the mean and horrible things from the hard world such as theft are leaking into smockeroon. Emily along with her friends to save smokeroon by finding the magical survey (the most imagined toy in the world and the leader of smockeroon). The main characters are Emily, Ruth, Martha and Maze.Emily is a young girl just starting secondary school as her sister died six months ago she finds herself surrounded by talking toys as the magic starts leaking out of smockeroon she also wants to see her sister holly one last time in smockeroon. Ruth is an adult whose son died when he was 18 she looks after emily after school while emily's mother is at work she is brought into the situation when she starts seeing her sons toys hugo and smiffy coming to life and along with emily she wants to see her son one last time. Maze was emily's best friend but after holly died the two grew apart as maze wanted to be friends with summer the popular girl of the class although they become closer friends through the story as mazes doll prizzy comes to life, martha is a new friend emily has made after maze and emily grow apart she joins in on the adventure as her stuffed bear pippa comes to life.I would recommend this book to anyone of ages 5-18.

Posted on: 24th April 2019 at 01:44 pm

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