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harry o , Arnold Hill Academy

The Land of Neverendings

In my opinion, I believe that the book the land of neverending's was unsatisfactory. This is because the opening of the novel is started with "Holly died". In my opinion i don't like the starting because it kind of gives the plot away as i would have preferred it to be around the middle of the book so than there are no spoilers. I believe that this book is a very good read as it is gripping at points and can be read by all ages. I would recommend this book to ages 10 above. However i could say that this book is interesting at points because the whole story is around another world of toys that everyone has thrown away and i really love the idea. But it matters what your idea of the book is not mine so go and see whether you agree or disagree!

Posted on: 24th April 2019 at 03:44 pm

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