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Tara, Loreto College

The Poet X

This book is a very powerful and meaningful novel. The book is set in Harlem , New York and follows the main protagonist, Xiomara.
Xiomara feels unheard and unable to hide from her neighbourhood. Ever since her body got curves she started to set her fists and fierceness to do the talking.
Xiamara pours all her thoughts and passion into her notebook when she catches feeling for a boy in her class called Aman, that her family must not know about. She deicides its best to keep her thoughts to herself. When Xiomara in invited to join her schools poetry club , she discovers that slam poetry can her help her understand her mother's religion and her own relationship into the world.
I think this book is perfect for teenagers our age to help them listen to themselves and do what they want, not what other people want. I found it very easy to read as it is written in verse. I would highly recommend this book !

Posted on: 25th April 2019 at 09:22 am

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