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Sofia S, St Mary's School

The House with Chicken Legs

This book is written by Sophie Anderson and it is a Russian fairy tale .The House with Chicken Legs is set in Russia .The main character is called Marinka and she lives with her grandmother who is a Yaga(a guardian who guides dead spirits to the stars).Because of this very important job ,their house moves to different places very often .This means Marinka does not have any friends ,the only friend she has is her pet Jackdaw ,Jack .
As Marinka's age is quite close to mine I feel that it was esay for me to relate to her and such events she has been through ,like not wanting to face the fact that she has done something wrong or getting upset at the littlest thing or even just wanting someone to talk to all the time! .I think I enjoyed the book a lot more because I could relate to the characters and because of that it felt like I was there when Marinka was sulking in her bedroom or building the bone fences .
I really like how Sophie Anderson portrayed Baba Yaba's character because she is meant to be ferocious looking and she is meant to be her best version of herself around the spirits of the dead .there are also a lot of surprises in this book that made me really sad and happy and I could not stop thinking about it .Sophie Anderson has written it like Marinka is keeping a diary or saying things in her head so it is written as her perspective .I would have liked to see what Baba Yaba thought about everything though.
Overall i really enjoyed this book and definately recommend reading this and I will soon read it again .

Posted on: 25th April 2019 at 01:07 pm

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