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Ornetta, St Catherines Catholic School

The Poet X

I generally love poetry, including the emotive and strong language filled ones. An exceptional example would be this book which is good for the young minds. I should think this has not a high, but not low chance either of winning. In summary, it is about a girl called Xiomara which basically means read for battle, it suits only a part of her personality but it is that part that she has to daily show because of home life, school life, and the freedom she doesn't have and what she feels she will never get. She has a religious mother, a body which most boys are attracted to, and the power of writing words with meaning which she realises near the end of the book that she has to share, and most people believes it matters enough to be heard. She also has a twin brother with secrets which she confirms, as in the back of her mind, she already knew.
Her story, poems and descriptions are sometimes relatable and inspiring which I think most young youths would like to read about and confirm about themselves.

Posted on: 25th April 2019 at 09:17 pm

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