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Charlotte, Woodroffe 2019

The Poet X

This book is mediocre. I enjoyed reading it, but found it a very short read and not challenging at all. It is written in verse, which makes the writing very basic with no real description. The story was very bland, not very interesting and thought provoking. It was rather stereotypical for a young adult novel, which is a shame because the poetry genre can be very broad if written well. I found the book lacked description and there was no real climax. The plot line was quite simple and predictable. I think it provided a rather extreme version on the life of a teenage girl, but it was interesting reading about her family's traditions and religious values. However, I felt the viewpoint of Catholicism to be quite narrow in the actual story. I did like how parts of the novel were in Spanish, because that brought some originality to the table. The thing that needled me the most while reading this book was the character of Aman. I couldn't understand why Xiomara was attracted to him in the first place apart from the fact that they both like rap music, but they didn't appear to have that much in common, and then she dumps him! But in the typical teen romance way, instead of getting over him like a strong young woman would he says he's sorry and all is forgotten. When they got back together I felt like it was such a betrayal to Xiomara's character.
Overall, I would recommend this book to a younger audience than it is aimed for, as it isn't that relatable or emotional and a very easy read. However, this is a debut novel, and I have no doubt that Elizabeth Acevedo will continue to improve her writing. I have faith in her, despite my criticism of the book.

Posted on: 26th April 2019 at 10:04 am

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