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Oona, Reepham High School and College

The Poet X

A powerful read full of compelling ideas.
This book is about a fifteen-year-old slam poet's diary.
This book tells you that some rules are meant to be broken.
Xiomara is on the brink of "teen-hood" and, at the peak of emotional turmoil, she is questioning religion and she is writing poetry.
She struggles through her mother's disappointment alongside her twin, Xavier, who is having similar issues.
Hiding their true identity, they stretch society's boundaries with topics cropping up such as homosexuality, religion and relationships.
Xiomara's Mami is a fierce religious woman from the Dominican Republic who strictly enforces religion in their household.In many ways she is portrayed as the antagonist.
Caridad, X's best friend, carries a steady role in this story. As a strict Christian, she is very keen for Xiomara not to question but just to believe. Their bond is like juxtaposition. Two contrasting people so close together.

At school, X struggles with her body. Willing herself invisible does not help this. To her it seems that all she is needed for is for men. Her mother tells her that "Nightly, if you imagine men's kisses, soft touches, a caress, remember Adam was made from clay that stains the hands, remember that Eve was easily tempted."

I hope that you enjoy reading this enthralling narrative!

Posted on: 27th April 2019 at 12:55 pm

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