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Sanaa, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls


Rebound tells the story of a young boy, Charlie Bell, who isn't himself after the death of his father. When he spends his holidays with his grandparents, his cousin, a talented basketball player, encourages him to play basketball. Despite being reluctant at first he finds enjoyment in basketball and through his experiences slowly gains closure.

Alexander has written the book in verse format. I had previously read a book written in verse format and thought it brilliantly complemented the themes of the story so I had high hopes but I was disappointed. I don't think the story needs to have a direct correlation to it's format but in Rebound, there were several sections where I felt the verse form really did not fit in with the themes presented. I loved the comic books though, as they brought the 1980s authenticity with their cultural references. Sometimes verse worked, but other times it did not.

Overall, the plot was slightly underwhelming. The characterization was brilliant but let down by the plot itself which I felt could have done more with these unique characters. Personally, I didn't find it absolutely awful but it wasn't page turning either. I would probably only recommend this to younger readers (9-11 years).

Posted on: 28th April 2019 at 08:01 pm

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