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Frida, St Helen and St Katharine

The Land of Neverendings

I really enjoyed the 'Land of Neverendings' because it was very creative with its ideas and storyline. I thought that the main character Emily developed throughout the book turning from quiet and lonely to determined and curious. She gets braver gradually and the author shows it by her actions. For instance when her friend first stops going round to her house and being her friend she becomes very shy and non-participatory, but by the end she is very involved with what is going on and is not afraid to give things a go. Though the main plot was not very realistic, as it was about toys coming alive, the author's use of realistic and non-realistic parallel worlds made the book fun and adventurous. Though the circumstances Emily was in were upsetting for her, the imaginary world turned the book less serious and helped the book and Emily to move forward. I thought that the way Emily communicates with other people showed her characteristics and that when things go wrong with her friends she becomes very withdrawn, which showed she was upset and felt alone. Most people feel alone when they have fallen out with their best friend, so it is quite convincing. At some moments I thought that the toys physicality was a bit unrealistic as they seemed to be able to do human actions which I thought could have been more limited.

The author writes about the past and present well because they used a mixture of past imagination and Emily's present ideas, this means the story has more depth with its plot. However, I thought that at some points the author focused too much on past events and needed to focus more on the moving forward of the main story. This meant that at some points there were half-told stories which the reader was not told enough about and were not necessary for the plot. Also, sometimes the author tells the reader information you could infer, which means that at some points I found the story a bit slow to move forward. The author creates different moods and atmosphere by describing Emily's thoughts and feelings. This works because it gives an overall suggestion about how others might be feeling and thinking. Although, I think that in some places it could give some more clues about other people and their thoughts as well as Emily's.

In Conclusion I think that the 'Land Of Neverendings' was quite good because it developed Emily as a character as the story grew and was unique with its plot. However, in some places it needed more detail and not to just focus on Emily and the other major characters, but to suggest about the other minor characters were feeling as Emily was talking to them. Consequently, I would rate this book 6.5/10.

Posted on: 29th April 2019 at 08:38 am

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