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Shaan, BMS (Books, Munchies and Squash)


I enjoyed this book considerably.. Rebound is set in 1988, but that does not really change any aspect of the plot until you get to the end. It is about a boy called Charlie Bell who is sent away to his grandparents for the summer after the death of his father. Towards the end he gets into a spot of trouble with the police after escaping his family reunion and joining his friend and his (the friend Skinny's) cousin. At the very end of the book it jumps forward to 2018 when the same boy, Charlie is now grown up and has twins with is wife who appears earlier on in the book *not spoiling who she is*
At first I was slightly apprehensive about reading this book because it is written in poetry form. please do not let that put you off though as it is a great read and has broadened my book choice horizon.
This is a brilliant contender for the medal winner but I cannot really compare it to my other favourite short lister- "The House With Chicken Legs" as they are two completely different books.
Happy Reading!

Posted on: 29th April 2019 at 04:51 pm

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