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Nivi, Christ's Shadowers


Rebound is quite an interesting book which is sure to be a hit for all sports lovers. It's written in verse which gives it a unique characteristic. I mainly found it interesting because when you read it , it has a beat to it. It mostly rhymes throughout which can act as a factor that compels you to read. It is a very believable story as it deals with problems that some might meet in the real life.
Rebound is a story about a boy named Charlie "Chuck". It is a story that deals with his problems of confidence, love , loss and friendship. This story is something worth reading because it gives you many life lessons along the way as well as entertainment. Another thing to point out is that this book touches on every emotion. There are parts where you laugh, giggle, cry(that is, feel sad), and just feel normal.
I felt that Rebound was a unique book considering the fact that it was written in prose; has a simple but effective plot line and incorporated different moods and emotions.

Posted on: 29th April 2019 at 09:53 pm

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