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Annie, St Helen and St Katharine


This is about a boy whose father has died recently and he is struggling to cope with this. He gets in trouble a lot at school, mostly with a friend called Skinny. His other best friend, a girl called CJ, is really clever and kind to him, and helps him a lot.

It is written in poetry and has some comic strip pages to illustrate important moments in the story. When he gets in trouble he gets sent to his grandparents but he really doesn’t want to go. There he sees his cousin Roxie and she gets him to play basketball with her. She is really good at it and teaches him some skills. He gets really into basketball and plays it all the time. He also has a chance to talk to his grandparents and realises that they are also grieving about the death of his father (their son) and that helps him.

I really like the way it’s written in poetry. I never really liked books that were written in poetry but I really enjoyed this one. Some of the lines don’t seem to make sense yet you somehow know what they mean. It is sometimes a bit confusing when there is a conversation because you can’t always figure out who is speaking.

It’s written in first person and that made it feel as if he is talking to you and I really like that. I liked the characters and the plot. The way that it was quite sad and got happier as the story went on really made you want to read on. Also the relationships of the characters. I liked the extra characters that didn’t really have anything to do with the plot but the author made you care about them and want to know what happened to them. I would definitely recommend this book and I would like to read some more of his books.

Posted on: 30th April 2019 at 08:33 am

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