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I@theatre4eva, Carnegie and Cake

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

I loved this book! I found the narrative compelling and intriguing. I feel everybody involved in any form of rights movement would love this book.

I feel that the love story between May and Nell was inspired, as we do not see many LGBT+ romances in Teenage and YA novels. The story of women's rights in 1914 Pre-war Britain is truly shown to the core, due to the fact that all the women are 3-Dimensional, something we have not always seen in a male dominated literary environment.

The writing of the book is fresh and new, as the writing in Evelyn's chapters are 'King's English,' the writing in May's chapters are very much normal, and Nell's are 'Cockney' and more working class.

The slightly leftist writing style is a breath of fresh air in historical fiction, as we often get tangled up in the author's own political views, with this liberal thinking being in the minority of the author's views.

Posted on: 30th April 2019 at 01:45 pm

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