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Xanthe, Wymondham High Academy

The Land of Neverendings

1/5 stars
I found this book not very good because it seemed very flat. I did not feel that it had any originality to it.It seemed like it had been done many times before. But on the other hand if you were to have no book to read or you had just read a horror book it is good because it is a very light read. I think it is a book that is better for the younger audiences. The bit that i did not like the most would have to be the end which i felt was very anti climactic and well dull. I found the book also very emotionless as when i finished it (unlike the others shortlisted) i was disappointed. I also felt no connection to the book i don't know weather that is because of the difference of age between me and the protagonist. All i know is that i didn't connect with her. i liked the story line but i felt that it could have been executed better. I also felt that the dark toad was more of a child's picture book villain than a novel villain. If i were to be brutally honest, well more honest than before, if i found this on a bookshelf i would put it back, sorry Kate Saunders. Overall i felt it was a disappointment, especially as i am more of a childish fantasy type of reader. That is my opinion of the book but anyone else you read it and see for yourself.

Posted on: 30th April 2019 at 06:29 pm

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