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Maisie, St Helen and St Katharine

Bone Talk

I found Bone Talk a gripping coming of age book. From Mister William to Samkad to Little Luki, all the characters were really relatable and therefore believable. I think that the way that the Americans were portrayed really shows what it was like for the native peoples who the Americans colonised. The way Kinyo (Antonio) and Agkus (Anika) were shown, travelling and learning different ‘tongues’ showed that it’s sometimes ok to break the mould and work differently to everyone else ?. Kinyo and Agkus do an excellent job of uniting the Bontoks and Lowlanders against a common enemy and show the Bontoks that although they don’t like the Lowlanders, they can work well together. Even Samkad Sr. made an effort to be kind to Juan the Lowlander.
The plot of Bone Talk was easy to follow and enrapturing. It made Bone Talk extremely hard to put down and I couldn’t stop until I had finished it. The plot twists were perfect, not too many, not too few, not too big, not too small, and they came in the best spots, exactly when needed in the story and fitted together like two pieces of the same puzzle. The plotline that Candy Gourlay chose to explore (colonisation by the Americans), made for an exciting and new perspective on a topic I thought I knew really well. Bone Talk was obviously extremely well researched, and the author made quite a boring and mundane topic super exciting and interesting. I would definitely read Bone Talk again, even though I thought I would not like it and would not have picked it up off the shelf ordinarily.
Overall I really enjoyed bone talk and would give it a nine point five (9.5) out of ten as it was hooking, refreshing and good humoured.

Posted on: 27th March 2019 at 09:55 am

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