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Poppy, St Helen and St Katharine

A Skinful of Shadows

Makepeace lives with her mother at her aunt and uncle’s house with her mum who will tell her nothing about her mysterious father. But she has inherited a special gift. An ability to house spirits inside her. Her mother taught her how to protect herself against wandering ghosts drawn to her but when a terrible accident happens, she is too full of grief to protect herself until it’s too late. Now she is haunted and the spirit is a wild and frightened and it’s up to her to stop it from tearing her mind apart. But the spirit might be her only protection when she is sent to her rich ancestors whose eyes are not human and move with otherworldly speed. As she travels across a war-stricken country in a race against time to save her brother, she gathers friends along the way but the question is will she make it in time before her brother’s soul is crushed...
The book is both spooky and heartwarming with a clever and witty heroine. The plot is very well constructed and I just couldn’t put it down! It is full of surprises, twists and betrayals - it won’t let you fall asleep! She hasn’t let the plot run wild but she also hasn’t been afraid to make the story imaginative! The book would be good for my age group as it is doesn’t have long and uninteresting sentences but keeps you alert and in suspense. I think the author has written this book very well and I really enjoyed reading it!
Rating : 9/10

Posted on: 27th March 2019 at 12:27 pm

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