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Daisy, Moreish Reading Group

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

I think that this book was really touching and has an important message about what the world should be like. There were a few surprising moments in this book however they were really exciting. I'm glad that Teddy and Evelyn ended up getting married even though that it was arranged for them. I thought that Evelyn's father was having second thoughts as they weren't allowed to see each other for a bit. I liked how caring all of the characters were even if some were violent protesters. They all wanted the same thing. I didn't like how some of the men took advantage of women because it also happens in real life. Women just want to be equal. Not to overpower them like the men have done to the women because if they did, they would be just as bad as them. It has a clear message. Teddy also wants to support the women but he still doesn't understand because he sometimes thinks that it's a bit dangerous and not worth the pain however even though it's dangerous, it will all be worth it!

Posted on: 2nd May 2019 at 11:35 am

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