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Maisie, Moreish Reading Group

The Poet X

I loved the Poet X as it shows how life is like for people that are either differently coloured, a religion like Dominican, even just a girl, or in Xiomara's case all three. Mami treats her like she is just there to pray for God, look after her husband and or family and reproduce. However, Xiomara feels very differently about this... She doesn't want to be a nun, she wants to be a poet, have a boyfriend and be whoever she wants to be rather than what Mami wants her to be.
In the end, she ends up with Mami finally realising who she wants to be and helping her along the way with this. Her brother who she calls Twin is also like this except he goes to 'genius school' but actually likes his gender. He doesn't want Mami or his Dad to find out as they would be furious.
I like how the book isn't written in a 'normal' way. Each section is written as a poem which makes sense with the book. This is a lovely book with a hidden meaning behind it. I think many others would enjoy this.

Posted on: 2nd May 2019 at 11:41 am

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