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Rosie, Sir Harry Smith Community College

The Poet X

I really liked this book as it covered lots of controversial topics and showed lots of feelings and emotion. The way that the author wrote this book to show the struggles of a girl brought up in a christian house hold really showed me some problems people had. The realization of being told what you can or cannot do and never being able to tell your parents. The forbidden love and not being able to express yourself felt like the main themes to the story. How other people helped Xiomara through her struggles with her mum and let her express herself through poetry and to reveal her secrets to her friend.
I felt like the relationship between her and twin was very open and he was always there until he had his own secrets. I felt like the author should had added more details about his struggles as she dropped a big bomb then never mentioned it again. Maybe a heart felt conversation between them would have vanished some of the tension.
I realized this would have been hard for Xiomara as her family wasn't always open, but had she been more open with her parents and told them not all of the problems would had occurred, her mother probably wouldn't had burnt Xiomara's poetry book, the one thing going right in her life at that point, but as her mother was a strict christian she told her daughter no to a lot of things. and had Xiomara stuck to her own beliefs and been religious they could have maybe had a mother-daughter bond.
I also really loved the layout. with it all being poetry I flew through this book in 2 hours and it gave the book a nice flow and sequences of problems. Although it was a bit annoying having to constantly turn the page sometimes there was very little writing on the page and just a title and a word, however I wouldn't say paper was wasted for this book, as the poems gave it a nice reference to Xiomara's slam poetry practice, and I really enjoyed reading this book. I would also say this book is a bit graphic and maybe not okay for Year 7 as there is a few intimate scenes. I really loved this book.

Posted on: 2nd May 2019 at 11:49 am

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