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Lucy, St Helen and St Katharine

A Skinful of Shadows

In a time when ghosts can seek refuge in people’s bodies, Makepeace is a scared girl, all alone. She is told that the ghosts are evil, but one day a terrible event happens to make her let her guard down and she wonders why they are so dreadful-until she is sent to her father’s ancestral home.

This book combines a real time in history with fiction, but the book is still very believable and all of the characters are easy to feel sympathetic towards. At the end, Hardinge finishes the book satisfyingly and leaves off very clearly. Makepeace is developed during the book so it feels like she’s a real person who you know very well. He makes use of both short, suspense-filled sentences (like ‘She was bear, and bear was she’ and longer, more descriptive sentences to make you picture the place or person clearly in your head. The general mood of this story is mystery and adventure and this is easy to tell quite early on. The thing I would improve on in this story is near the middle, quite a few characters are introduced and I would describe them a bit more so readers know who is who.

I really enjoyed this book, because of how well the characters are depicted and the plot, which was really interesting and fun to read. After I started, I couldn’t put it down for ages because of the use of twists and turns in the storyline. I would rate it 9 out of 10.

Posted on: 27th March 2019 at 01:24 pm

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