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Nick, Christ's Shadowers

Bone Talk

A key part of any review is the criticisms. To write mine, I look at my shadowing booklet and see if I've circled 3s or lower for any of the book's traits, and then write about those. But for Bone Talk, I haven't circled anything below a 4! It's a really good book - the plot is definitely nothing like anything I've come across before, and sheds new light on a conflict which I knew basically nothing about before I read this book. There are lots of stories of invasions told from the American perspective, but it's not every day you read something told from the perspective of the invaded people. The way the Americans are described - almost like aliens - gives you a whole new perspective on wars. It's not always a page turner, but whenever you do pick it up, there's something interesting to read. The characters are believable and three-dimensional. Bone Talk is an original book which takes a different - and important - angle on conflicts and makes it a really good read.

Posted on: 2nd May 2019 at 05:48 pm

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