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David, Dartford Grammar School

A Skinful of Shadows

‘A Skinful of Shadows’ is a shining example of an outstanding book. Though its believability is not strong, it instead runs with the unique concept of ghosts. However, it has stronger themes of making choices about who you want to be – Makepeace does not want to accept her Inheritance, whilst James is easily lured to power. Its action and storytelling are both fantastic and, as a result, this keeps it gripping. In terms of a credible ending, it was perfectly believable within the limits set by the text though it was a little lacklustre. It also evokes emotions and this helps us to connect with the characters.
The dialogue and character interactions are also very good and feel natural. The English Civil War is used as a sub-plot to compliment the main ghost story well, and this makes an already tense atmosphere even better. It has excellent readability as it is split into multiple sections suited for smaller reading sessions and has good descriptions but not so detailed that they bog down the book with adjectives. Last but not least, its pace is still good, though certain sections have long periods without action and feel a little unnecessary (eg. Arrest in Whitehollow).

Posted on: 2nd May 2019 at 09:08 pm

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