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Mary, Oxford High School

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Things a Bright Girl can do is about the time of the struggling Suffragettes. The book is split into two stories, one is about two girls - May who is devoted to the Suffragists and against violence, and Nell, a humble girl who lives in the poor slums of London. They meet and immediately fall hopelessly in love. While Evelyn is engaged to her loyal gentlemen and childhood sweetheart, but uncovers that it is impossible to have the man and the education. Watching the Suffragettes, she starts to be one, she is so passionate that even the dreaded hunger strike won't faze her. But when the war is looming towards them all, can their belief and relationships hold up or collapse?
I think this book was very interesting but I didn't think it was very unique. Though Sally Nicholls has passed on the tension very well and how much these ladies fought for their vote, especially when it came to behind the prisoon bars. I thought it was a bit too much for one book. But I would recommend this to readers 12+.

Posted on: 3rd May 2019 at 11:42 am

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