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Haaniah, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

The House with Chicken Legs

The House with Chicken Legs is a fantasy book about a young girl, Marinka, who just wants to make a human friend. Instead, she has to help her grandmother, Baba Yaga, guide the dead through The Gate into the next world.
It is a very well-constructed book and all the elements, both captivating and heart-rending are presented wonderfully to create the magical and thrilling story as a whole, presented through Marinka’s eyes. The final resolution at the end of the book is positive and will surely melt your heart.
The main character, Marinka, develops a great deal through the course of the book. At first she is rather shy and nervous, but as she meets new people and faces new dangers, she become stronger, bolder and more confident. The characters are all very interesting and interact with each other very convincingly and consistently. Through the thoughts, dialogue and actions of Marinka, we see each character and how they develop clearly and effectively.
The style is very appropriate to the theme and by presenting the story from Marinka’s point of view; we experience the story as if we were truly present. The author creates mood very well and the changes in the mood are clear logical, and well-planned. There is a consistent amount of narrative and dialogue and they both work well together. The author uses vibrant language to convey the setting and atmosphere of the story.
Overall, it is an enchanting tale and it is an exciting narrative based on Slavic folklore.

Posted on: 28th March 2019 at 07:34 am

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