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Danny , Sir Harry Smith Community College

The House with Chicken Legs

Reading this book, from the start I found it a tad strange. The whole concept of Yaga and the mythology it’s from feels like it doesn’t get much of an explanation until too late on in the book and I get this from a narrative standpoint as it’s being told from Marinka’s perspective but it does add quite a lot of confusion to reading though. It wasn’t an overall bad read though, while the conclusion to several of the character arcs did seem a bit cheap they did seem a natural direction for the story to take even if some characters viewpoints had to be warped a bit to fit it. So while I don’t think it deserves to win the award, it certainly wasn’t a waste of time reading like a couple of last year’s nominees.

Posted on: 6th May 2019 at 07:39 pm

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