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Iona, St Helen and St Katharine

Long Way Down

Long Way Down (by Jason Reynolds) is all about Will trying to find his brother Shawn's killer. He was going down in an elevator but every person who got on was dead.
The characters in this story aren’t described at all, therefore it leaves a lot to the imagination. There is not really a lot I can say about the characters, or anything in this book as nothing at all is described. The characters all follow The Rules : Don’t Cry. Don’t Snitch. Get revenge. These rules have been passed down generations, from Grandfather to Father to Shawn and Will.
The plot of this book is very inactive. The only mildly exciting bit is when Will finds a gun. Then he goes on a journey to find the person who killed his brother. He goes (coincidentally!) a long way down. The first person to get on the elevator is Buck, an old friend of Shawn’s. PLOT TWIST: everyone who gets on is dead.
This book is written in verse. This makes it quicker to read but harder to understand. Also, even though the poems aren’t rhyming, the words are not in a normal order. In my opinion, this book would be a lot better if it was not written in poems. Another thing was the ending. It was very unsatisfying and felt unfinished.
Overall I would rate this book 2 out of 10 as it was very dull. It felt like nothing happened and it was very uninteresting. I would recommend this to people with lots of imagination as there is no description.

Posted on: 7th May 2019 at 08:40 am

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