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Maya, Loreto College


Rebound is set in 1988 in America and the main character is called Charlie. He lives with his mum who has issues after her husband died and Charlie's friends are Skinny and CJ.
One day he gets into really big trouble and gets sent all the way to Washington to be with his grandparents.
His grandpa is not making his stay very fun though.
Once he is reunited with his cousin, Roxie she teaches him to play basketball well.
Personally I didn't like Charlie very much. He was too stubborn and set in his ways. He wouldn't have made his own life so hard if he sorted himself out. But I did like the ending and didn't disappoint, but the part where he was at his grandparents lasted too long. It should have been 300 pages instead of 400 . I liked the comic strips since most teenage fiction books don't have pictures. I rate this book 3 stars.

Posted on: 7th May 2019 at 11:59 am

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