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Annie, St Helen and St Katharine

Bone Talk

Bone Talk is a book that is set a hundred years ago in the Philippines. It is about a boy called Samkad who wants to become a man and get his own shield, spear and axe. It is written in first person and Samkad is the one narrating. I like the author’s style and the way he describes the characters and events. I really enjoyed the beginning and the atmosphere the author created but I didn’t like the second half as much because it was a bit gruesome.

I think Bone Talk is a very well-constructed book. The author explains the characters well and you feel like you are part of the book. The characters are very believable, and you feel like you are talking to them and you are there, in that scene. I think that the author’s narrative is good and the mood of the book is appropriate to the plot and the characters.

The author seemed to be in control of what was going on and the characters were very well explained. I especially like the way they described The Tree of Bones. The author describes it as ‘a mass of knots and scars, with a waist wide enough to hide ten men’; ‘sinking down to the earth under their own weight’. I like that quote because it makes the tree seem to come alive. I like all the metaphors.

Overall, I give this book 7/10. I think that this book is very well written and the author is a very good writer. I only gave it 7/10 though because I thought it was a bit to gruesome and I didn’t like all the dying in the second half. I would like to read this book again when I’m a bit older because I like the style of the author and the way the characters are explained.

Posted on: 28th March 2019 at 11:19 am

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