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Frida, St Helen and St Katharine

The House with Chicken Legs

I really enjoyed 'The house with chicken legs'. At the start, I thought the main character, Marinka, is longing for a companion. She experiences joy, loss and facts she would never have thought to be true. I thought that Sophie Anderson, the author, really captured Marinka's emotions of hurt, anger, happiness and sorrow. The reader feels her emotions clearly. I thought that the author wrote the book well because at some points, when Marinka is about to make a mistake, the reader is given hints of the following events. This means that the reader is hoping for it not to happen and put in suspense to see what comes next. However, that does not stop the events being a surprise as the reader is never told directly what they think is about to happen. Also, though the reader is given an idea of the next event, it is never quite what the reader expects.

I thought that at the end of the book the author tied up loose ends well because, though I wanted the book to keep going, there were no unanswered questions. This meant that the story left the reader satisfied with the ending and therefore concluded the book.

Marinka travelled a long way from where she first started, not only physically but also in her development. She starts to think about others more and steps out of her comfort zone. She begins to be less self-centered and, after a huge loss upsets her, she starts to become more independent. I think Marinka is quite a realistic character, as she possesses faults of many people and so a lot of readers can understand her accidents. Her motives are always good and, though the consequences of her actions are not always positive, she always means well.

I thought that the author created atmosphere well by other characters' actions and speech. When the author wanted to make the mood seem celebratory, the characters in the book were dancing and laughing. They were celebrating their life and gave the impression that the mood was festive and joyful.

In conclusion, I thought this book was really good as there was a good balance between regrets and grief and its cheerful moments. However this book was very descriptive of actions but I would have preferred it if it had had more description of what people and places looked like. This would have meant that the reader had a better idea of what to imagine. Also, at some points the book moved on too quickly and the author needed to slow down so the reader could catch up. This meant that at some points the various chapters needed to have carried on for a bit longer so as to ensure that the reader had taken in enough information. But overall I think Marinka was a really expressive character, always showing the reader her thoughts and emotions. In conclusion, I really liked 'The House With Chicken Legs' and would rate it 8/10.

Posted on: 8th May 2019 at 08:33 am

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