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Josh, Christ's Shadowers

Long Way Down

This book deals with modern day gun violence and murder. It gives a shock to how close to home these sorts of issues are dealt with, and how much detail there is to murder. To an outsider, murders are just a cruel act of wickedness, but this book explains that it is not so, it is (for the most part) revenge. The style of the book is quite dark and serious, but I think it fits in quite well with the poetic, verse writing Reynolds has used. Therefore, moving onto writing style, I think that it is one of the most well written books I have ever read. The verse is extremely cleverly used, and this poetic style of writing is very literally advanced, for a book with characters having poor English skills. The dialogue is also quite unique for each character, and one can tell a lot about the person just from the speech used. Another aspect of this book was the plot. How many stories are compressed into just a lift; the feelings and emotions you can get from just an elevator are also quite outstanding. The stories and secrets which unfold during this book are quite fascinating. In the present tense, this book is just a boy going down in a lift to get revenge, in past tense, stories of revenge, hatred and murder wash over you; and one cannot forget the fabulous last line of the book, which confuses the reader in a good way, and leaves you astounded. My only criticism with this book is, yes, it does have a great plot line, but it is rather forgettable. It makes you have to read the book again, to try and understand it; and every time you read it, you almost remember and see through a new light. Yet, this might not be a negative, as the book is so fabulous and I am eager (yet again) to read it once more. Anyway, it leaves one with emotions, feelings and confusion, all the great qualities from a book: and mixed with the fabulous writing style, this book is one of my new favourite stories ever written down on paper.

Posted on: 9th May 2019 at 12:30 pm

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