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Josh, Christ's Shadowers

The House with Chicken Legs

This book is almost not a novel, but a fairytale. It dwells on the characters, emotions and plotlines with such great detail, that one may almost forgive and forget about the simplistic writing style. Also, the fabulous Russian, Slavic reading aesthetics are absolutely pleasant and unique to read. It is quite a bold book, and sheds a new light on the Russian folklore of Baba Yaga, who was said to be a scary, old witch who would eat children and run around giving wise answers to people, in her house with chicken legs. Depicted as the ‘Grandmother of the Devil’, this creates a very different atmosphere around her and her house, and makes you love her so dearly. Also, the fact that a house may have emotions is quite a weird, yet for me, distinguished feature of the book. The writing style is quite simplistic, though. It is definitely aimed for younger audiences or those with not so great English skills. It does not describe in the greatest detail, and if one picked up the book on a random page and had never read it before there would be absolute no character and feel to the story, but it is the way Sophie Anderson wrote it. She wrote in such a way using such vocabulary that when it said house, you thought of a fabulous, Russian, folklore, purple-red, fairytale-like house. She did not need descriptions. Yet, it was the Russian words, and unusual vocabulary which gave the mood and atmosphere of the book, for the rest of the writing had not a wide variety of really - anything. Yet, this can all be forgiven through the fabulous consistency of the characters feelings. If someone thought a feeling, it was shown in the book over and over again, really imprinting it in their mind. Also, the plotline was absolutely fabulous. The twists and turns were really unpredictable, giving it an even more unique tale, but also it had a heart-warming epilogue which soothed the anger and irritation one got from reading all the mistakes and mishaps. Anyway, if read by younger audiences, I think this book is a stunning children's read.

Posted on: 9th May 2019 at 12:31 pm

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