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Nivi, Christ's Shadowers

Long Way Down

Long Way Down is a book by Jason Reynolds which is written in verse.
The use of verse, (like I said before in the review of Rebound) gives it a unique characteristic.
The plot closely follows the theme of revenge. I found the plot line quite interesting and new. However, I felt that the execution was a bit poor. In some places I felt like the author was trying to fill the page. The story is about a boy called Will who is out to exact revenge for his brother's murder. It is a story that happens in 60 seconds on an elevator. On each floor he meets a different person, each of who is dead. The story then goes on to tell events in his life using the technique of analepsis(flash back). The book ends with a quite confusing line which leaves the readers puzzled.
On the whole, I liked the story idea but not the way in which the idea was executed.

Posted on: 9th May 2019 at 05:55 pm

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