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Kya, St Helen and St Katharine

The House with Chicken Legs

The House With Chicken legs is a very fast paced fairy tale based on Slavic folk tales. Marika is the heroine of the story along with Baba Yaga, their house and Jack the jackdaw. Marika is a redheaded girl who has grown up with her grandmother in her house with chicken legs which moves to many different places and terrains very often. This is because her grandmother Baba Yaga, guides the dead through the gate to the stars every night and the house has to move so Baba can guide the dead. Marika is a strong willed girl who is destined to be a Yaga but does not want to, she wants to make friends with the living and go out and explore the world. Now she is growing up she is frustrated that she cannot get out of the house but when she does she finds the living difficult to understand, some are nice and some are very cruel.
Sophie Anderson has a clear plot and doesn’t let it get out of hand. She describes the living and the dead world as seen through Marikas eyes and also from her grandmother’s very different perspective. She personifies the house showing that it also grows with Marika for example when she was little it played games with her and built a mossy fort for her to play in but as she grows it supports and comforts her in times of sadness. The author uses clear language and even provides ‘Marinka’s Glossary’ for the Slavic words that are used frequently throughout the book. I also really liked the way Sophie personified the animals like when Jack, Marikas pet ‘squawks angrily and struts out of the back door’ it shows attitude in the character. Anderson also created really clear moods with scenery and Marika’s surrounding characters.
The language used in this book is not very complicated but the some of the characters do have inventive names for example Yaga Onekin. I enjoyed reading the epilogue explaining all that had happened and how happy, she finally was, which I found warming. The ending was clear that is was finishing and did not stop abruptly
Marinka is my favourite character was Marinka, even though she was a selfish character who made a number of mistakes. I felt a lot of this was as she never had any friends and as this changes in the book so does her character. She uses first person very well because Marika thinks about a lot but because she is still a child and sees things and thinks things that aren’t always right. I would recommend the book to a friend as an easy read and give it 9/10.

‘Perhaps then being dead, stuck in a house with chicken legs,might not be so bad after all

Posted on: 29th March 2019 at 08:36 am

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